We are two magnets made to attract. Apparently, we are two magnets with the same side of poles. We tried. Attracting. But no matter how hard we try, we repel. And repel. And repel all over again. I’m afraid that if we still keep on making it work, it’ll be a disaster. Catastrophic. I wanna pull you because that’s what should have been done in the first place. That’s what magnets do. That’s what we are made for, or so we thought.

We got closer but the closer we get, the higher the intensity of the universe pulling you back. Away. Or maybe, I’m the one being pulled away. The one who got disconnected. The one who should have turned the other way around to repulse everything. To change everything. So we can attract. For you to believe that we can and we will.

Along the process, I’ve been continually being pulled. Sadly, it’s not towards you but away. I’ve been constantly blaming myself because this could have worked out. We could be the magnet, just less my ego and selfishness.

In the meantime, I need to find myself because I’ve been lost in the transition. Maybe it’s just the right thing to do; find my way getting to that other pole so I can turn it around. Hopefully, it can make things the way we want it to be. For now, I’ll go back to where we have been before. Maybe that will work for both of our interests. Maybe that will ease the damage that has been done because I don’t want to make it worse. Perhaps, you too wouldn’t want to. For what it’s worth, I don’t wanna hurt me. And I don’t wanna (keep) hurt(ing) you.







Or maybe you deserve someone who isn’t me.


Analogy of opposites

It is beautiful to think how love can be easily made but difficult to undo. The idea of love is admiring but unloving is tragic. Love, at times, is peculiar but the greatest feeling one can have, for some the worst. Love is seen in perspective, in two different point of views and not with one side alone. Love is not all heaven, sometimes hell.

To love is to be happy and to unlove is to be broken. Ironic how people associate unloving to getting shattered. Instead, unloving is creating a new dimension of yourself. To unlove is to get up from your fall when you climbed a tree with frail twigs and branches. It is erasing a story written with a permanent marker, hard to do but will eventually fade away.

Love in all aspect is still believable even through pain and agony because it is love. However, it is not love anymore when you continue to love the same person over again with the same reason of you being hurt. Love is learning to let go and loving yourself. Sadly, love is not all happy endings and best wishes.

We all need to master how to unlove. Unloving is the state of being hurt but believing that a broken heart can be fixed. That even a frozen heart can be thawed. For the meantime, its pieces are scattered but ultimately someone will gather and put it back together again.

I guess the right analogy should be: to love is to be happy and to unlove is to be contented. Unloving is letting go of someone. Moreover, it is setting yourself free.