All about E

I’m about to tell a story of a person who has been existing for 20 years yet introductions is still an unsolved issue for him. Rheonald, it is the name. Some calls him Bentong, Indoy, Rheon but the one he prefers the most, Eon.

He has been full of choices from the very beginning but it seemed that he has been picking the wrong ones. They thought as it is but all along he never wanted choices. Instead, he wanted spontaneity where he would never choose between anything because what may come, whatever it may be, will always be better. He believes in the power of surprises and that it will always bring the inner child in him. He wanted freedom because he has enslaved his ownself from being the carefree guy he always wanted to be. I guess now he is ready to be that. Let’s see how things will unfold for him.

This is not a story of his life. Instead, a story he would want to live.

With love,



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